The Stockcar class is essentially the same construction and weight as Superstocks but is an affordable form of racing as restrictions to OEM Equipment keep the class under control and bring more competitors into the sport but it is equally as competitive as the Superstocks and it comes down to driver skills. Although the engines can be the same make they have to be standard OEM (Original Engine Manufacturers)parts. Engines are only allowed 2 Valves per cylinder and roller rockers are not permitted unless a OEM Equipment. Racing rules are the same as Superstocks and the Stockcars are just as hard hitting as their big brothers are that is why they are one of the most popular classes in modern speedway today. Black Numbers indicate a driver profile is attached. Click on the name to view the profile
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4 Alec Cantley    5 Daniel Edwards                         7 Laurie Maber     8 Ken Tyson                   9 Cameron Kenworthy 10 Chanelle Gordon 11 Matthew Shutte 12 Michael Stanaway 16 David Ingram 18 Gordon Sander   21 Jason Rowe 22 Leigh Cossey 23 Tony Baldwin 24 Trevor Cook 25 Jason Rowe 27 Trent English 28 Roger Shutte 29 Scott Tennant 33 Hayden Cossey 34 Mark Wearing 37 Ash Wearing 38 Phil Smith 41 Carl Urlich 42 Jamie Stanaway 43 Mark Smith 45 Corey Baker
51 Steve Murphy 53 David Hunter 57 Kerry/Aidan Eustace 61 Leroy Neill 64 Carlos Chestnutt 65 Adam Mills 66 Nicholas Bell-May 67 Joshua May 69 Dave Seymour 75 Todd Neal 77 Brad Bates 79 Benjamin Ellis 83 Colin Riggans 84 Brendon Morrison 85 Shannon Savage 87 Charles Day 88 Ian Smith 91 Paul Chatfield 95 Gary Lonergan 99 Brian Campbell 137 Rawiri 145 Jessica Peat 224 Jono Lauder 242 Bernie Fox 423 Harneet Singh 651 Troy Power 741 Craig Chatfield
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