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Six Shooters
The Six Shooters class is an entry level open wheel class alternative using off the shelf Sprintcar com- ponents. they are standard Sprint- carchassis with a V6 commodore motor.
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The Mighty Superstocks are always a crowd pleaser at Waikaraka Park as the 400hp V8s & V6s often remind us of the circuit racing Muscle Cars with their Lion type roar.These 1500kg Gladiators can be seen flag racing f or a title or when the teams racing comes to t own they change their persona to hard hitting no nonsense extensions of their very brave d rivers reaching speeds well over the 100km/h. The steel tubular constructed chassis is as solid as a World War tank and when they make contact with another it is for keeps so this class is not for the faint hearted. Racing rules prohibit straight lining into the wall and coming off the grass infield to attack another car and hitting a stationary car is a no no, however contact is allowed and that is what makes the class such a popular attraction to the motorsport fan in New Zealand.
The Ministock is a introductory class allowing 12-16yr old children to learn the basic skills of motor Racing and at age 16 they can decide which class they would like to step up to or move out of speedway into another form of motor racing like circuit racing or rallying or whatever they want to do. Ministocks are a regional class and are therefore not permitted to have North Island, South Island or NZ & Grand Prix Championships, however they may have local titles. Ministocks must be made from one donor car, for example a donor car could be Datsun 1200, Datsun 120y, Sunny1200cc using A12 engine or Toyota Corolla using 1200cc 3K engine, most popular is the Datsun 1200, All suspension and steering parts must be standard, the Ministock has a minimum weight of 630kgs and a maximum weight of 730kgs.Tyres must be standard road type.  
The Stockcar class is essentially the same construction and weight as Superstocks but is an affordable form of racing as restrictions to OEM Equipment keep the class under control and bring more competitors into the sport but it is equally as competitive as the Super- stocks and it comes down to driver skills. Although the engines can be the same make they have to be standard OEM (Original Engine Manufacturers)parts. Engines are only allowed 2 Valves per cylinder and roller rockers are not permitted unless a OEM Equipment. Racing rules are the same as Superstocks and the Stockcars are just as hard hitting as their big brothers are that is why they are one of the most popular classes in modern speedway today.
Super Saloons
This is one of the non-contact glamour classes of speedway ovals. These cars look like the American style cars like Corvettes, Pontiac Trans-Am, Mustangs, Camaro, plus good old Aussie favourites Ford and Holden being very popular too. these 2 & 4 door passenger bodies are designed to look as original as possible and for the car to berraced a minimum of 200 must be produced by the vehicle manufacturer or civil road use. They mostly run V8 engines over 4.6L with 2 valves per cylinder running fuel injection. These cars run fibreglass body panels and mostly nowadays space frame chassis and have a maxi-mum 434 cu in engine running methanol fuel and can produce up to 800hp and only weigh 1000kgs so the power to weight ratio is amazing.
Just like Super Saloons the Saloon Car is a 2 or 4 door passenger vehicle again with 200 required to be road user manufactured and are restricted in tyre size. Engines must be OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) equipment. Saloons are a low cost form of the Super Saloons making it affordable racing,. They are around 400hp running to 360cu in. Gearboxes must be of OEM street vehicle type with a minimum of 1 forward and one reverse gear. They are mostly V8 engines but again depends on the type of vehicle chosen to race as to whether that vehicle that vehicle had V8s as OEM. They mostly run a space frame chassis and are now a nationally recognised class
These aerodynamic beasts are considered by many in speedway as one of the glamour classes. These machines were introduced to NZ in the 70s as Modified Sportsman and have endured many challenges from the American introduced Sprintcars but have held their own. The small original aerofoils on the roof have been replaced over the years with some huge creations to improve the down force on the cars to get all the 600hp down to the ground and allow the 410cu inch engines to perform at their very best.They run a space frame chassis which being so light makes the cars seem like a bucking bronco at a rodeo and it takes a lot of skill to hang on to one of these race cars.They have a wheelbase of 2.13m min- imum and 2.74 maximum and a vehicle width of 2.0m. Engines may be 4 Cylinder, Rotary, 6 Cylinder or small block V8 Production Engines running carburettors only and using methanol or pump gas. All engines over 300cu in must have Cast Iron Blocks and Cylinder Heads. The racing rules are the same as for Super Saloons and Saloons.
The Streetstock section is a introduction class to speedway and is a lot of fun to be involved in, A standard road car is needed for this section of speedway, you can see on any given nights racing a collection of sedans, station-wagons or coupes being used they are former road going vehicles with extra strengthening and a roll cage inserted for protection, Electronic Fuel Injection is permitted providing it can be proved that it was OEM equipment, the engines are a maximum of 290cu in and the engine must have been used in the model of car by the manufacturer. Streetstocks are permitted to use Avgas, Petrol or Ethanol/Petrol Blend E85.
Minisprints are another winged section based on a Midget chassis with a small capacity engine and a big wing on top, Engines must be In-line North South engines not East West and no motorcycle engines. They must be 4 Cylinder, Water cooled. Single camshaft only and must be 1340cc at original manufacture. They must be naturally aspirated carburettors only and no fuel injection. Minisprints run a space frame chassis of round tubular construction.They run 8" front wheels and 10" rear wheels and Open Wheel Racing Rules apply to this Class.